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Nils Heuman

C u r r e n t :
Software Engineer on Interaktionsbyrån in Gothenburg, Sweden

P r e v i o u s :
Cybercom Software Engineer on Cybercom Group in Gothenburg, Sweden
Chalmers Master Of Software Engineering and Technology
Minor in Managerial Economics, Chalmers
Handmark Product Developer on Handmark
CAS Chairman of Chalmers Alternative Sports
CBJO Organizer of Chalmers Big Jump Open 2006,07,08

under45 L a t e s t :
April 2012
- New Video from Philippines is up, a travel story with cable and kite.
- "Plenty of Time", check it out!

February 2011
- Videos from Philippines is up, cable and kite
- Camsur Watersport Complex Cable and a remote island shredding a bamboo hand rail

vidthumb Eneskär Sliderpark vol2
vimeo kiteboard

Kiteboard railsession in varberg, Sweden
Author: Nils, Linus
vidthumb üç tane bira at Hip-notics
vimeo cable

A week in the hip-notics cable park
Author: Nils, Linus, Volkan
vidthumb SKEOSD 2011
vimeo kiteboard

Snow Kite Rail Jam Östersund, Sweden
Author: Nils, Linus
vidthumb Bamboo Single Rail
vimeo kiteboard

A handrail built in bamboo shredded in the Philippines
Author: Nils
vidthumb Baggage or No Baggage
vimeo cable

Riding the cable park in Camsur Watersport Complex
Author: Nils, Linus, Per, Volkan
vidthumb Phil misery
facebook snowboard cable

Short edit from Camsur Cable Park with rental boards, and a little snowboarding from home
Author: Nils, Linus, Per, Volkan
vidthumb Rehab Season
vimeo kiteboard wakeboard cable snowboard

Recap from the season after my knee injury, cable wakesurfing longboard snowboard and more...
Author: Nils
vidthumb Rain Comes Down Again
vimeo kite

Autumn edit of kite and cable
Author: Nils, Linus
vidthumb Weekend on WCPE
vimeo cable

Some sunny riding on the 2.0 cable around here. I have some hits in the blue cap...
Author: Neven
vidthumb Eneskär sliderpark
vimeo kiteboard

A little vid from our little slider park in Varberg.
Author: Linus
vidthumb Svenskveckan CCP 2010
vimeo wakeboard

A quick edit on footage from a week in Copenhagen Cable Park, the week of the mobe...
Author: Nils
vidthumb Another Western Australia Video
vimeo kiteboard

Another Kite Video from Western Australia 2010. Featuring riding with three swedes, Mattijas, Nils and Linus. The video captures Lifestyle and Kiteboarding in Australia and some Snowkiting from Sweden and Norway.
Author: Nils, Mattijas, Linus
vidthumb Wrap Up
vimeo kiteboard wakeboard cable

Some leftovers that didn't fit in any other vid and a bit of recap from a nice season which ended with a knee twist.
Author: Nils
vidthumb UWA Wake Camp
facebook wakeboard

A little video from the wake camp me and Mattijas joined when hanging out down under. Great fun to ride some wakeboard!
Author: Nils
vidthumb Ozone bar cut
vimeo kiteboard

Small video showing how I cut my bar to look and feel better
Author: Nils
vidthumb Ozone vid from Perth
vimeo kiteboard

Some video of the swedish ozone crew hanging out in Perth, WA this winter, Viktor, Nils, Sofia
Author: Nils, Viktor
vidthumb Swedish Invasion
vimeo kiteboard

Silly video showing some fun the massive swedish crew had in Perth, Western Australia winter 2010
Author: Nils, Linus
vidthumb Rainy December
vimeo kiteboard

First onshore wind in a few weeks, not the best angle for this spot and a bit rainy but I had to ride! No progress but some fun and I got to try some different settings on the C4 (slower is better!). Hopefully there will be another windy day before Christmas!
Author: Nils
vidthumb Cold Slider
vimeo kiteboard

Frickin cold and offshore winds lead to a little slider build, some hits on it and some footage of riding the new Ozone C4 and zephyr in this vid
Author: Nils
vidthumb Dragen i Draget
vimeo kiteboard

Just got a new Camera, DMC-FT1, made some mounts for it and wanted to try them, not much wind, barely to keep the kite in the air but at least some new angles tested. A little silly edit =)
Author: Nils
vidthumb Things Break
vimeofacebook kiteboard

Two days of kitesurfing in awesome conditions, shitty fottage tho... wakestyle and strapless!
Author: Nils
vidthumb In the Cable 09
vimeofacebook cable

Riding Copenhagen Cable Park
Author: Vicky
vidthumb Saxtorp railsesh
vimeo wakeboard

Henning, Jonas, Viktor and Nils slaughter rails the day after MikeTKs kiteevent. Camera: Sanyo Xacti WH1
Author: Henning
vidthumb HaboSlamJam
facebook kiteboard

Author: Lellee
vidthumb Wakeboard 540
facebook wakeboard

Author: Claes
vidthumb Copenhagen Cable Park May 09
vimeofacebook cable

A Week in the cable park
Author: Nils
vidthumb CCP Teaser May 09
vimeo cable

A teaser on speed quickly edited after a week in Copenhagen Cable Park in the end of May 2009
Author: Nils
vidthumb First Ride
facebook wakeboard

First ride after a real boat -09, lots of fun but a bit shaky! Spacesuits on =) Out of batt to show all riders!
Author: Nils
vidthumb Chamonix 2009
vimeofacebook snowboard

Sun and Powder with Chalmers Alternative Sports
Author: Nils
vidthumb Down under crazyness
facebook kiteboard

Video from a month in Perth, Australia
Author: Nils
vidthumb The Return to Safaga
facebook kiteboard

A kitetrip to Egypt, not much wind but some surf every day in just boardies...
Author: Nils
vidthumb First ride with X45
facebook wakeboard

Claes got the first ride after the Mastercraft X45 after a lot of waiting... police controls and lazy old guys created some problems. I borrowed johans hd-camera and did a short test edit... enjoy
Author: Nils
vidthumb Wakeboard i Safaga
facebook wakeboard

Short movie from Egypt, lots of fun, nice weather but the wake sucked...
Author: Nils
vidthumb Claes and Nisse on älven
facebook wakeboard

Author: Claes
vidthumb Kite Safaga- Egypt march 2008
facebook kiteboard wakeboard

Kiting and wakeboarding in Safaga. In the video: Stebe, Sourra, WakeCowboyNils, Neven, Märtha, Anna, Lina, Guran the Jelly-Bear, AKA_Kalle, HatMan, IbraHIM and others...
Author: Stebe, Nils
vidthumb Älven 07
facebook wakeboard

Author: Claes
vidthumb cas - promo
facebook wakeboard kiteboard

Chalmers Alternative Promo Video
Author: Nils
vidthumb Core Slider Jam 09
vimeo kiteboard

Slider Jam in Perth Australia
Author: wwwnzkitercom
vidthumb Nils wakeboard 2008
vimeo wakeboard

Author: Claes
vidthumb Poke
vimeo wakeboard

A wake movie made by us who ride in älven SWEDEN!
Author: Per, Claes



Lou Wainman part III 2001-2002! Awake!
Powered wakestyle with the legend

Andre Phillip - Autofocus
Best slider hits ever

Tom Court DR chronic
Some nice wave kickers

Turkey Teaser - James Boulding
Nice pop

Silvester Ruckdaeschel - Movies
Loose the straps dude

Eric Rienstra Maui 08
Lots of power

We Did Nothing - Dre, Kelsick
Awesome edit and smooth riding

The Fuerteventura Collective
Some nice sliding

A Work in Progress - Part 3
Lots of riders with power

Core Jam 2010
Slider and kicker jam in Perth


Slingshot Wake Riders Day at McCormick's
Some sick presses in the cable

Dean Smith - Set of the Week
Wakeboard with power

Meet Randall Harris
Tindy, double grabs, wrapped and huge air, it's the Vandall



Script to automate stabilization of video footage
Found some scripts that did not work as i wanted so I spent a bit too much time hacking my own...

Anyway, it is pretty simple, just drag (or choose open with) shaky videos to the bat-file and you'll get a .deshaked.avi file where the footage is a little bit zoomed but stable.
Download below...


If not downloading the bundle
Deshaker Filter


Install virtualdub
Install deshaker filter into virualdub/plugins
Edit deshaker.bat and set paths to match your system

Advanced Configuration
To configurate how the deshaker works, start virtualdub, go in under Video - Filters
Press Add, Choose Deshaker
Press Configure if not the configuration for deshaker shows up.
More detailed instructions for deshaker
When done, select the Pass 1 button, press ok, ok, then go to File -> Save Processing Settings, save this as pass1.txt, then go into configure for Pass 2 and save this as pass2.txt.
Compare your created file pass1.txt and my file conf/deshake_p1.txt and update the line[0].Config, do the same for pass2.txt and conf/deshake_p2.txt
Important: Make sure the path C:\deshaker\Deshaker.log is the same in both deshake_p1.txt and deshake_p2.txt!


  • The Script [3kb]
  • The files I have written, download virtualdub and deshaker filter separately

  • The Script bundled with virtualdub deshaker.bat+virtualdub+deshaker filter [1800kb]
  • Download and extract to c:\deshaker
    Drag video-files to the .bat-file to deshake them.



    Deshaker Filter

    Could I Script A Batch Deshake? - What my script is based on

    Using VirtualDub and Deshaker for steady shots - AVCHD Lite forum on Vimeo

    A guide to using deshaker

    VirtualDub Now Has a Directshow Driver Plugin